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How do I get this bookmarklet to take me from to ?

I tried the following:


But it takes me to the same sub-domain ( and not

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If you still need it, you may use something like this: javascript:location.href=location.protocol+%22//%22+%22www%22+%22.%22+(location‌​.host.split(%22.%22).length==3?,‌​.split(%22.%22).length).join(%22.%22)‌​earch; (found the orginal solution here) – A S May 9 '15 at 4:34

location.pathname returns only the parts of the URL after the domain.

You might have more luck with location.hostname, which returns the domain of the URL.

Here's a javascript example that returns the last two parts of the hostname (split by "."):

var loc = window.location;

var parts = loc.hostname.split('.').reverse();
if (parts.length > 2) {
    parts.length = 2;

var newloc = parts.reverse().join('.');

console.log(loc + " > " + newloc);

This outputs from

Try it here (jsfiddle).
In that example, I'm hardcoding the hostname rather than using window.location.hostname.

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