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Let say i have a string like this 'this is a statement' and if i want to search and replace string with this 'this ** a statement'

string to search for this is a statement , this si a statement , this i a statement and any combination convert them into this trim a statement i.e for any word combination between this & a statement replace it with trim for another set replace fun to notfun .

so this is the program

import re
search=re.sub('this \(a_zA_Z0_9)+ a statement','\1trim',file),('this is fun','this is notfun',file)

something is not right as nothing is getting changed in the file.

thanks everyone.

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re.sub doesn't work on files, it works on strings. You need to read the contents of the file into a string, then use re.sub to change the string, then write the modified string back to the file.

A simple example:

text = open("myfile.txt").read()
# This is your original re.sub call, but I'm not sure it really does what you want.
text = re.sub('this \(a_zA_Z0_9)+ a statement', '\1trim', text)
text = re.sub('this \(a_zA_Z0_9)+ another replacement', 'some other thing', text)
open("myfile.txt", "w").write(text)
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can you please show me with the above example ,how can i do that . Thanks –  kdev Dec 22 '09 at 1:38
Thanks Ned , actually that was my main question , as how can i have two different string replaced so re.sub('this (a_zA_Z0_9)+ a statement', '\1trim', text),re.sub('this is fun','this is notfun',file) so in short can two re.sub work in a single line or not ? if not how to accomplish this part. Thanks again for your help. –  kdev Dec 22 '09 at 16:43
There's no need to do both replacements in one line, simply call re.sub twice as I've edited the answer. Don't forget to accept it if it works for you! :) –  Ned Batchelder Dec 22 '09 at 16:59

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