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In particular, I need a more full fledged version of Trac to support robust project management, and task tracking. I went through the plugins and literally found over 50 that looked promising.

My question is to the admins/users of Trac: which ones are indespensible for making Trac feature complete and which ones should be avoided (e.g. stability issues)?

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Lots of Trac plugins look promising. Unfortunately only a handful really delivers and even then some of them are not properly supported or maintained. They also tend to conflict sometimes.

I will not recommend anything for project management specifically but these are the ones which made our live so much easier:

  • TagsPlugin - the most useful one, adds tags support
  • BreadCrumbsNav - show previously visited pages, saves lots of time
  • ShowPath - show the breadcrumbs path, useful if you have your pages named hierarchically
  • CaseInsensitiveWiki - allows entering case-insensitive URLS
  • Stratistics - show Wiki/SVN statistics
  • WikiRename - allows page renaming (does not work well with the Tags)


  • WebAdmin - pre-installed in 0.11 but before you need to get it separately
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My Favorites:


Scrum - Agilo: http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/AgiloForScrumPlugin

This is the place to watch http://trac-hacks.org/

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Would really help if you could add one line description of why you think its a good plugin. –  phaedrus Dec 1 '09 at 4:10

I really like the BatchModifyPlugin that makes it easy to change more than one ticket at the time.

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Four years later and this functionality has been added to Trac 1.0. –  Rafael Jan 9 '13 at 19:56

Besides those already mentioned here, I also found the following necessary:

  1. Announcer - very flexible notification scheme
  2. AutocompleteUsers - handy while typing (existent) user name
  3. AutoLinks - automatically make words not conforming to wiki naming rule but matches existent page name a link
  4. CustomFieldAdmin - make manage custom fields easier
  5. Redirect - handy if you constantly need to make short-hand name wiki pages (like HTML redirects to HyperText .....)
  6. TicketDelete - make deleting, if at all needed, easier
  7. WikiRename - must-have for wiki refactoring

Below are good-to-have:

  1. S5 - directly render wiki pages as slideshow in S5 format, could be really useful for using Trac as the source for presentation
  2. FullBlog - add blogging support to Trac
  3. Vote - cool add-on feature for big team
  4. TracWikiToPdf - transform wiki page to pdf dynamically (however the effect might be all that satisfying)
  5. TimingAndEstimation - neat for tracking time and/or estimation
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MasterTicketsPlugin is quite useful for ticket dependncies.

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I would recommend against Bitten for CI (Continuous Integration) (see Martin Fowler on the subject) although I am using it.

The task force behind Bitten doesn't seem strong enough to process the remaining tasks. Simply look at the age and the number of posts in Bitten tickets

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I don't admin our Trac, and I don't know all the plugins we use. But I co-developed a GUI we use to navigate the tickets and to track time spent on specific ones. It uses the xmlrpc plugin to query ticket information and to write some information back. Extending Trac is really easy this way.

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Apache Bloodhound is a collection of plugins bundled with Trac. It includes some of the individual plugins suggested in earlier answers, like the AccountManagerPlugin.

The major plugins developed as part of Bloodhound are a very robust Multi Product implementation, full text search (based on Whoosh) with better navigation. Ticket relations have also just been added.

Bloodhound keeps integrating newly released trac versions quickly, and all plugins interoperate as expected because they're purposefully bundled. It's also still compatible with most trac-hacks.

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