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Perhaps I'm coming at my problem with a WordPress mindset but what i'd like to achieve is the notion of a parent/child theme for Django projects. I think I can solve the template issue by defining two template directories


But is there a way to achieve this with the static files? For example, we add a new feature to the parent, update the parent app which updates the templates along with adding some new javascript, LESS, and images.

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You don't need to specify two template directories. There is a concept of parent and child templates. All child templates extends the parent:

base.html (we often use this name for parent)

       <!-- Some css, js stuff goes here-->
       {% block extra_head %}
           <!-- A block where child templates add more css and js stuff if needed -->
       {% endblock extra_head %}
        {% block body %}
           <!-- body content here -->
        {% endblock body %}

And then child template will extend the base.html as:


{% extends "base.html" %}

{% block body %}
{% endblock body %}
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