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I have such code piece

   QString day= ui->direct_pow_lineEdit_1->text();
   QString hour = ui->direct_pow_lineEdit_2->text();
   QString minute = ui->direct_pow_lineEdit_3->text();
   QString destIP = QString("");
   QString data_to_transfer = QString("450%1015%2%3%4").arg(day,2).arg(destIP).arg(hour,2).arg(minute,2);

what I would like to haveis Qt equivalent of sprintf(data_to_transfer, "450%02s015%s%02s%02s", day, destIP, hour, minute ) but

  QDebug deb = qDebug();
   deb << data_to_transfer;


450 215 1010.000.000.001 1

how can I correctly modify a QString and I don't want to remove blank spaces between the variables?


blank spaces are due to the default value, if I define .arg(day,2,'0') then it fills with 0 instead of the blank space. however, if there is no blank space, QString is not edited properly. For example

`QString data_to_transfer = QString("450%1015%2").arg(day, 2, '0').arg(destIP, 2, '0');` 

outputs "450010.000.000.0011531" where day is 31


This one solved my problem, but I would appreciate to see a better solution.

QString data_to_transfer = QString("450%1").arg(day,2,'0');
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QString data_to_transfer = QString().sprintf("450%02s%015%s%02s%02s",
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I get such output 450 1%015010.000.000.001 2 3 for the day =1 , hour = 2, minute = 3. am I doing something wrong? I enter the value on a qeditline – sven Oct 17 '13 at 22:16
it was my mistake that I forgot to write s after %01, but I still have blank spaces, how can I remove them? – sven Oct 17 '13 at 22:30

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