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I have an Access DB App that I have elected to use in Tabbed mode, where each new form opens in its own new Tab:

I'd like to prohibit user-access to right-click functions (Design-View, Close, etc.).

Are there any setting to disable or hide these functions?


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From the File menu choose Options, then the Current Database tab. There is an option there to Allow Default Shortcut Menus. Unchecking this is the simplest way but it does disable the default shortcut menus entirely. (This doesn't prohibit the user though, as someone who knows what they are doing could find and check this option.)

Otherwise you might investigate creating an MDE file which, among other things, disables all Design Views. Keep a copy of the original database though, as you cannot reverse, or revert, an MDE file.

Be sure to keep a copy of your original Access database. If you need to modify the design of forms, reports, or modules in an MDE file, you must modify the original Access database, and then resave it as an MDE file.

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Perfect. That option does just what I need. My typical user won't go looking for the option to flip back the option. This helps ensure forms are closed in a controlled manner, via the btnClose() event and associated code. Thank you. –  Mark Pelletier Oct 18 '13 at 12:45

I believe you can customize the Short Cut Menu to remove the Design View option. In Form Design View invoke Access Help and enter the phrase "shortcut menu" then select "Customize a shortcut menu"

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The Shortcut Menu option from a Form's Design View (in the Form's properties) only disables right-clicking within the form area, not from the Tab. –  Andy G Oct 17 '13 at 21:57

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