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I have this input:

stuff (2+13:02)
more stuff (20:32)
more more stuff (8+23:00)

The 2+ is optional and stands for a completely different value, so I wrote this regex:


The $1 should always be the number BEFORE the + and group the rest of the digits and : in $2 but that doesn't always happen. In the example of (20:32), $1 will be 2 and $2 will be 0:32. How can I make $1 undef and $2 = 20:32 ?

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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Try you moving the ? to after the group you want to be optional. Also you usually need to escape the + if want to match a literal +:


This will match a:

  • An optional, non-captured group of:
    • A single digit, captured in group 1
    • A literal +
  • One or more digits, followed by by a :, followed by one or more digits, captured in group 2
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