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I have never worked with Maven and I just came across it while trying to use an external API for my Non-Maven project. The documentation for the External API says:

The JAR is not currently available on any central Maven repositories, but you can easily 
clone this repository and install it to your local Maven just by typing:
mvn compile install

Since my project is not a Maven project, OI am wondering how can I still use this external API which does not have a JAR file that I could otherwise import into my project?

I know that I can convert my project into a Maven project, but is that the only/best option? Thanks!

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Converting to Maven (or Gradle) if you're not using any build-management system is almost certainly the preferable option; learning Maven will take a little while, but it prevents a multitude of headaches with dependency and classpath management, predictable build integration, and so on.

That said, there's nothing magic about jars that have been built with Maven; it's simply a tool that automates calling all of the tools you'd use anyway like the compiler and JUnit. It produces a regular jar that you use just like you'd use any other jar by adding it to your classpath.

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  1. Checkout the code.
  2. Run mvn package
  3. Find the JAR in the target/ directory of the project and use it in your non maven project.
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You just need mvn package and the .jar will be under target the project directory, no need to go through the local repo. –  millimoose Oct 17 '13 at 22:51
@millimoose you are right, fixed it thank you. –  Alfredo Osorio Oct 17 '13 at 22:53

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