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I have Mongo set up and all I am doing is in index.jade, looping through a list of meals.


/** * Module dependencies. */

var express = require('express')
mongoose = require('mongoose')
, routes = require('./routes')
, meal = require('./routes/meal')
, http = require('http')
, path = require('path');

var app = express();

// all environments
app.set('port', process.env.PORT || 3000);
app.set('views', __dirname + '/views');
app.set('view engine', 'jade');
app.use(require('less-middleware')({ src: __dirname + '/public' }));
app.use(express.static(path.join(__dirname, 'public')));

// development only
if ('development' == app.get('env')) {

app.get('/', routes.index);

app.get('/meals', meal.getMeals)'/meals', meal.add)

http.createServer(app).listen(app.get('port'), function(){
console.log('Express server listening on port ' + app.get('port'));


var mongoose = require('mongoose');


var MealSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
mealId: Number,
mealType: String,
mealDetails: String

Meals = mongoose.model('Meals', MealSchema);

* New meal.
*/ = function(req, res){

* Insert new meal.

exports.add = function(req, res){

var meal = req.body;

new Meals({
mealId: 1,
mealType: meal.mealType,
mealDetails: meal.mealDetails
}).save(function (err, docs) {
if (err) res.render("Error")

* Get all meals.

exports.getMeals = function(req, res){
Meals.find({}, function(err, docs) {
res.render('index', { meals: docs });


extends layout

block content
th Meal Type
th Meal Details
each meal in meals
td #{meal.type}
td #{meal.details}

a(href="/new", class="btn btn-primary btn-lg") Add Meal

I keep getting this error:

TypeError: ...\views\index.jade:10 8| th Meal Details 9| tbody > 10| each meal in meals 11| tr 12| td #{meal.type} 13| td #{meal.details} Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

Any ideas?

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Not sure from what you posted but you might want to make sure that your query actually brings back what you expect. You have an err variable passed in the callback that you don't use.

Try with this and let me know what it brings back:

exports.getMeals = function(req, res){
    Meals.find({}, function(err, docs) {
        console.log(err, docs);
        if(err) return res.send(500, {
            error: err
        res.render('index', { meals: docs });

Cannot read property 'length' of undefined is probably jade complaining that it can't loop through the results because they are not valid (array).

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The problem likely resides in your rendering code, where your code modifies the response with jade. This is where the variables are passed to jade, I would guess that recent updates to jade and express might be causing the problem.

I was getting these errors when I updated my jade and express. I looked at the examples in the jade repository. In latest jade@0.26.3 and express@3.4.8 the server renders a jade file with data like so:

server.get('/', function(req, res) {
  return res.render('index.jade', {
    title: 'Blog',
    description: 'Your Page Description',
    users: users

Using return res.render('index.jade', {meals:meals}); as being the difference from older versions.

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