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I am working on a Google App Engine application, and have been facing some issues with a GQL query and an if statement. This is the code:

q = Song.gql("WHERE title = :1", self.request.get('song_title'))
  if q:
    r = "Excisting Results Found: <br />"
    print q
    for song in q:
      r += song.title+" by "+song.artist+"<br />"

When this is run, the page returns "Excisting Results Found:" however I know that no results were in fact found. Is there a way to check if the results returned by the query are empty? What would a blank result returned from GqlQuery look like?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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In this example, q is a GQL query object. Although you can treat it as an iterable, calling get() on it will return a single result, and you'd need to assign this result to a variable. You can also check if there are results by checking if q.count(1) is greater than 0.

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That worked! Thank you very much! –  Zack Fernandes Dec 22 '09 at 3:12
No! Don't check for results by calling q.count() - this requires executing the same query twice - once to get the count, and once to get the results. –  Nick Johnson Dec 24 '09 at 19:25

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