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I want to prepare some data after user login system. After some google, I implemented a ApplicationListener to listen AuthenticationSuccessEvent:

import org.springframework.context.ApplicationListener;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;

    public class MyApplicationListener implements
            ApplicationListener<AuthenticationSuccessEvent> {

        public void onApplicationEvent(AuthenticationSuccessEvent event) {
            UserDetails userDetails = (UserDetails) event.getAuthentication()
            System.out.println("Successed login:" + userDetails.getUsername());



I updated to Spring 3.0 RELEASE, and Spring Security 3.0.0.RC2. But I can never get called for AuthenticationSuccessEvent:( (I tried other event, such as AuthenticationFailureBadCredentialsEvent, it worked).

I use my own authentication-manager and do nothing about the event:

Do I need to podcast the event by myself?

Thank you.

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You don't specify the details of your configuration. You state that you use your own authentication-manager - does this mean you are configuring the ProviderManager explicitly using Spring Bean configuration?

If so, you need to configure the AuthenticationEventPublisher on the ProviderManager, as the default implementation is a null implementation, which doesn't publish events.

The bean declaration for the default implementation is like this:

<bean id="defaultAuthEventPublisher" class=""/>

You'll then need to map this bean to the appropriate property on the ProviderManager:

If you aren't declaring your own ProviderManager, unfortunately there is not a way to enable this functionality using the security namespace style of configuration. Hope that answers your question!

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I'm using Spring-Security 2.0.4, but I think it's pretty the same. From what that I saw the ProviderManager is the one that publish the event in case of successful authentication.

Few questions that might help:

  1. Do you use the standard ProviderManager ( or supply one of your own?
  2. Maybe the @Component doesn't work?, maybe (just for testing) you can try the regular addListener() function.

The best way to understand what happens is to Ito debug Spring security (locate a break point in ProviderManager), I use to do it a lot and find it pretty useful.


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Maybe you want to listen for the InteractiveAuthenticationSuccessEvent. OpenID for example emits that event only. See also SEC-1534.

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I have the same problem and I found a few things that might help.

  1. I think that we should include the following listener in web.xml

  2. If you wonder if your problem is in the listener detection or the publising you may tray to lauch events yourself.

    SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication(); AuthenticationSuccessEvent event = new AuthenticationSuccessEvent( SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication()); eventPublisher.publishEvent(event);

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