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I use scrapy to create a project and add my own spider, say "spider_us.py", in the "spiders" folder, and I want to build an exe file which can be executed in other computers without installing scrapy.

When I follow the instructions of py2exe, I make a new file "Setup.py" in the same folder with following content:

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe

setup(console = ["spider_us.py"])

however, it didn't work, since when I run my spider, I use the command "scrapy crawl spider_us" rather than directly running the file "spider_us.py" in the "spiders" folder.

how is it possible to build the entire spider program (automatically created by scrapy when I use "scrapy startproject XXX") to an exe file, not only the spider file ("spider_us.py" in my case) in the "spiders" subfolder.

Anyone gives some advise or help, any comment is welcomed. Thanks so much.

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