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How do I test that the scope is populated after the broadcast? I've searched and found a few QA's here in stackexchange, but none answered my problem. The code is working alright, just don't know how to test it. May I add that I'm a novice to testing, and especially with Jasmine.

So, here's the code:

Service CrappySvc:

update: function() {
    $rootScope.$broadcast('updatecrappy', Crappy.query());

Controller GetCrappyCtrl:

  $scope.$on('updatecrappy', function(event, crap) {
    $scope.crap = crap;


beforeEach(inject(function($rootScope, $httpBackend, $controller, Crappy) {
  rootScope = $rootScope;
  scope = $rootScope.$new();
  Crappy = mockCrappy;

  spyOn(rootScope, '$broadcast');

  ctrl = $controller('GetCrappyCtrl', {
  $scope : scope,
  Crappy : mockCrappy


it('$scope.$on should have been triggered', function() {          
  rootScope.$broadcast('updatecrappy', [{id : 2, name : 'crappy'}]);
  expect(rootScope.$broadcast).toHaveBeenCalledWith('updscenes', [{id : 2, name : 'crappy'}]);



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I found this helpful too:… – Ben Aug 16 '14 at 1:47
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You need to tell Jasmine to let the spy call the actual $broadcast function

spyOn($rootScope, '$broadcast').andCallThrough();

If you don't use andCallThrough() the spy does nothing.

Jasmine Docs


With Jasmine 2, the syntax would be

spyOn($rootScope, '$broadcast').and.callThrough();
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can we elaborate on what this is actually doing? – whitebox Sep 3 '15 at 0:28
@whitebox That's the thing, it's not really doing much. By default, Jasmine's spies will replace the original function that is being spied on. Calling and.callThrough() will add to the default behaviour and cause the spy to also call the original function that was being spied on. And that's really all that it does. – ivarni Sep 3 '15 at 4:48
you don't need the and.callThrough() in this case if you are just asserting the broadcast was called – Ryan M Mar 8 at 18:35
does mocha have anything like .callThrough – steve k Apr 11 at 17:22
As far as I know mocha does not come with its own spy-functionality so that would depend on which library you use for mocking. – ivarni Apr 12 at 4:36

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