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I have a javascript file myscript.js that contains the following method:

function getName(){
  return "Paul Simon"

Now, I want to call this method from my route. I was expecting that using the resource construct I could load the script in one instruction and call the method in a subsequent one. something similar to:


However, this is not working. I keep getting:

Caused by: ReferenceError: "getName" is not defined. (#1)

What am I doing wrong?

I can see camel saying in the logs that it found the file:

Reading resource: file:/C:/Users/max777/AppData/Local/Temp/8119222516029335972/myscript.js into the content cache Using resource: file:/C:/Users/max777/AppData/Local/Temp/8119222516029335972/myscript.js from the content cache The script evaluation result is:

And so, I fail to understand what is the semantic difference between the following two endpoints. Syntactically, I only removed the word "resource" in the second one:

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Is myscript.js in the classpath? – Vidya Oct 18 '13 at 5:06
I edit the post to answer your question. I can see in the log that the script is loaded, cached, and evaluated. And yes, the only function it contains is getName(). – Klaus Oct 18 '13 at 10:55
Never done this so I'm guessing here. Try to use getName like this <langauge langauge="javaScript">in.body.getName</langauge> – Vidya Oct 18 '13 at 14:33
I tried request.body.getName, body.getName, request.body.getNameNOnExistent, body.getNameNonExistent: they all evaluate and return null. No error. in.body.getName produces a script compilation error. The variable in is not defined. Really desperate here. – Klaus Oct 19 '13 at 0:30

Copy the JavaScript myscript.js to the classpath (in my case this is the scripts directory) and change it so that getName is invoked:

function getName(){
    return "Nirvana"


Following routes worked for me:

public void configure() {

    // using the javaScript method
        .log("start1: header = ${header.myHeader}");

    // using the language tag
        .language("javascript", "resource:classpath:scripts/myscript.js")
        .log("start3: header = ${header.myHeader}");

    // hack alert: transform=true replaces the body which later is read in the simple method
        .log("start2: header = ${header.myHeader}");


Instead of reading the file from the classpath, file, or http could be used.


In Camel 2.10.X, you could use classpath:scripts/myscript.js. For Camel versions >= 2.11.X, you must use resource:classpath:scripts/myscript.js.

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