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I'm working with the todo Breeze/Angular app and return manager.createEntity('TodoItem', initialValues); does not seem to be doing anything. There is no error in the browser when I go to create a new item. Editing existing items is working exactly as expected. What could be causing this? I'm using a database first entity model and the Id is an identity column generated by the database.

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Can you check if the MetaData has been pulled in. Check the network dialog and see if you have a call to the getMetaData method for the TodoController.

If not call fetchMetadata

var serviceurl = "/breeze/endpoint";
var manager = breeze.Entitymanager(serviceurl);

Also make sure that the datacontext/dataservice is calling the adapter. This is required for the Angular Framework.

breeze.config.initializeAdapterInstance("modelLibrary", "backingStore", true);

PS I am new to Breezejs so please take my help as intended... I am no expert... yet :)

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I checked these things and they were not the cause. I failed to see the error that was generated, please see my answer. – mdega Oct 18 '13 at 13:21

Turns out there was an error and I missed it (I'm very new to this):

Cannot attach an object to an EntityManager without first setting its key or setting its entityType 'AutoGeneratedKeyType' property to something other than 'None'

I went into my entity model and changed the StoreGeneratedPattern on the Id property of the TodoItem entity from none to Identity. I built the project and then it worked.

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