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I am trying to create a UI test in VS 2010 using IE 9 in IE 8 compatibilty mode however when trying to record an action recording many of the steps fail. Then when I manually code in the missing steps and try to fill in a log in form with a username and password I get an exception that says I have failed to perform an action on hidden control.

The UI Test code:

public void Recordedmethod()
        BrowserWindow uILogInWindowsInternetWindow = this.UILogInWindowsInternetWindow;
        HtmlHyperlink uILogInHyperlink = this.UILogInWindowsInternetWindow.UIHomePageDocument.UILogInHyperlink;
        HtmlEdit uIUsernameEdit = this.UILogInWindowsInternetWindow.UILogInDocument1.UIUsernameEdit;
        HtmlEdit uIPasswordEdit = this.UILogInWindowsInternetWindow.UILogInDocument1.UIPasswordEdit;

        // Go to web page 'http://localhost:15856/WebSite1/'
        uILogInWindowsInternetWindow.NavigateToUrl(new System.Uri(this.RecordedMethodParams.UILogInWindowsInternetWindowUrl));

        // Set flag to allow play back to continue if non-essential actions fail. (For example, if a mouse hover action fails.)
        Playback.PlaybackSettings.ContinueOnError = true;

        // Mouse hover 'Log In' link at (1, 1)

        // Reset flag to ensure that play back stops if there is an error.
        Playback.PlaybackSettings.ContinueOnError = false;

        // Type 'test' in 'Username:' text box
        uIUsernameEdit.Text = this.RecordedMethodParams.UIUsernameEditText;

        // The following element is no longer available: IE web control; Process Id [6320], window handle [3168166]

        // Type '********' in 'Password:' text box
        uIPasswordEdit.Password = this.RecordedMethodParams.UIPasswordEditPassword;

        // The following element is no longer available: IE web control; Process Id [6320], window handle [3168166]
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Could this security patch bug be the problem?… – yonitdm Oct 18 '13 at 17:54
@yonitdm that is for VS 2012 not VS 2010 – Matthew Pigram Oct 19 '13 at 0:56
@yonitdm apparently this is not just a 2012 issue, thanks for the link, add it as the answer and I will vote you up. – Matthew Pigram Oct 21 '13 at 2:55
too slow :P Glad you found the problem. We are having difficulty getting our update services to stop re-pushing this update after we remove it. I hope there is a better solution soon! – yonitdm Oct 21 '13 at 18:32
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This is an issue linked to an Internet Explorer patch that was released in September.


This affects VS2010 and VS2012.

Microsoft released a patch that corrects the issue for VS2012 (and I've confirmed that it fixed the issue for me).

Currently the only workaround for VS2010 is to uninstall the patch (KB2870699); however, as with any sort of security patch you'll want to consider carefully whether pulling it is safe to do given your situation.

EDIT: This was not a fun bug for me to deal with. I had just upgraded to VS2012 from VS2010 and all of a sudden I found none of my previously functioning CodedUI tests working. I assumed it was an issue with VS2012 and after banging my head against the wall for the better part of a day I found out it was an issue with a patch. It was just my luck that I upgraded to 2012 at the same time the patch had been installed on my system. Good times!

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yeh its a real pain to deal with, at first I thought it was an issue with the auto-code generation, so I tried for hours to manually code and it still kept failing lol – Matthew Pigram Oct 22 '13 at 0:32

There is actually an updated for VS 2012 to fix this issue

Hope this helps!

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please read the question, I am using VS 2010 – Matthew Pigram Oct 26 '13 at 3:10
also that link has been posted – Matthew Pigram Oct 26 '13 at 3:11

I was having the same problem with my coded ui test. It's an issue with VS-2012 i guess, i tried every update (installing/uninstalling them and everything..) nothing worked. I tried VS-2013 Ultimate and it worked.

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You can use exception handling to capture the error while still not having the test failed.

The test is failing because at the time it performs click action, the control is hidden.

   //your code goes here
catch(FailedToPerformActionOnHiddenControlException e)
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