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$page_streetname = empty($page_streetname) 
                ? null : 
                "AND main_table.streetname = '{$page_streetname}'";

$rooms = empty($rooms) 
                    ? null : 
                "AND main_table.rooms >= '{$rooms}'";

$rooms_upper = empty($rooms_upper) 
                ? null : 
                "AND main_table.rooms <= '{$rooms_upper}'";

$price_lower = empty($price_lower) 
                ? null : 
                "AND main_table.rent >= '{$price_lower}'";

$price_upper = empty($price_upper) 
                ? null : 
                "AND main_table.rent <= '{$price_upper}'";

$sql = mysql_query(
             max(main_table.rent) AS reviews_rent,
             main_table.rooms AS reviews_rooms,
             houses.rooms AS houses_rooms,
             houses.rent AS houses_rent
             FROM main_table
             LEFT JOIN houses
             ON main_table.housenumber = houses.housenumber
             AND main_table.streetname = houses.streetname
             main_table.city = '{$city}'
             AND main_table.verify = 1 
             GROUP BY
             ORDER BY
             houseID DESC,
             reviewID DESC"

The options used in the WHERE fields work.

I am trying to apply this function to sorting the query data in ORDER BY. I wish to ORDER BY top_rated for example:

$top_rated = empty($top_rated) 
                        ? null : 
                        "main_table.average DESC,";

Perhaps I am not activating top_rated properly? I have simply stated top_rated as above and the querying link returns the same php page with:


Is simply giving top_rated a value so that is NOT NULL enough to employ the ORDER BY main_table.average DESC enough ?

Attempts working in the same fashion as WHERE fields haven't worked, would appreciate some extra thoughts/code on getting this function to work. Cheers

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Assuming main_table.average is a column on the table it should work. However best to put the SQL into a string and execute the string, as this way you can easily echo out the SQL you are attempting to execute and see what it has generated. –  Kickstart Oct 18 '13 at 10:48
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