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I am trying to define city name by CLLocation structure with reverse... method request to CLGeocoder object, but I don't know how to set timeout? If there are no internet connection request time may take about 30 seconds - it is too long...

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There isn't any built in functionality to handle this that I'm aware of. I've started using the following solution. Apologies it's in Swift, I don't speak fluent Objective-C.

This will give you a 2 second timeout

func myLookupFunction(location: CLLocation)
    let timer = NSTimer(timeInterval: 2, target: self, selector: "timeout:", userInfo: nil, repeats: false);
        (placemarks, error) in
        if(error != nil){
          //execute your error handling
          //execute your happy path
    NSRunLoop.currentRunLoop().addTimer(timer, forMode: NSDefaultRunLoopMode)

func timeout(timer: NSTimer)

After the timeout fires, your callback will be executed and the error path with be called.

You'll get an error with the details:

  • Code = 10
  • Localised Description(English) = The operation couldn’t be completed. (kCLErrorDomain error 10.)

Hope this helps.

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