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I'm using a NIB with IB that's unpacked into an NSWindow by my NSWindowController subclass when it's initialized (as normal). [NSWindowController* window] gives me the window of the controller.

Now, I want to make my window controller's window be of a different class that subclasses it. Specifically, I want to override one method in it, sendEvent. This doesn't work, not that I thought it would:

self.window = ((WebViewEventKillingWindow*) self.window);

WebViewEventKillingWindow is a subclass to disable user interaction (thanks to Bob, found here Disable a WebKit WebView). I'm doubting that this is even possible to do without a different approach, but I'm fairly new to this.

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Select your window in Interface Builder, and ensure that the attributes inspector is open.

The first option in that panel is "Custom Class" - type in the name of your NSWindow sublass in there:

enter image description here

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Perfect. I knew about this feature but didn't think of using it in this case. The other thing I had to do was connect the window to a new outlet (weak reference) in my controller since the default window outlet is an NSWindow. –  9000 Oct 18 '13 at 17:23
Since you know that it's your subclass, you cold have just cast the default outlet when accessing it too. –  tarmes Oct 18 '13 at 17:41

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