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I'm trying to replace the existing .xml extension file's inside text with String.

Why I'm doing this is: I wanted to read images from .xml file. But image did not loading file from the existing folder of .xml file. I tried so many times to solve this problem. And only possible thing was the put the hard path of the Image file destination. So then I started to try this:

  1. read the .xml file's inside string - Solved
  2. get the full parent of the xml path - Solved
  3. read text inside xml and export to string - Solved
  4. find "<img src='" existed area from string - Solved
  5. put the Parent path after existed area - Solved
  6. save string to existing .xml by replacing all string - Unsolved?

Purpose of the work is "Show images from XML file". So please someone answer unsolved article. And don't suggest me about methods like Base64ToImage. I just want to go like this way. Hope I will have my answer here.

existing XML: <helpRoot> <body Type="Section1"> <![CDATA[ <img src='Help1.png'/>
<h3 style="color:#2B94EA;font-family:open sans;">Section1</h3></hr>
<p style="color:#484848;font-family:open sans;">Text is shown</p> <h3 style="color:#3399FF;font-family:open sans;"> Image is not showing</h3></hr>
]]></body> <body Type="Section2"> <![CDATA[ <img src='Help2.png'/>
<h3 style="color:#2B94EA;font-family:open sans;">Section2</h3></hr>
<p style="color:#484848;font-family:open sans;">Text is shown</p> <h3 style="color:#3399FF;font-family:open sans;"> Image is not showing</h3></hr>
]]></body> ... </helpRoot>

new XML string: <helpRoot> <body Type="Section1"> <![CDATA[ <img src='D:/Project/Image/Help1.png'/>
<h3 style="color:#2B94EA;font-family:open sans;">Section1</h3></hr>
<p style="color:#484848;font-family:open sans;">Text has showing</p> <h3 style="color:#3399FF;font-family:open sans;"> Image is showing</h3></hr>
]]></body> <body Type="Section2"> <![CDATA[ <img src='D:/Project/Image/Help2.png'/>
<h3 style="color:#2B94EA;font-family:open sans;">Section2</h3></hr>
<p style="color:#484848;font-family:open sans;">Text has shown</p> <h3 style="color:#3399FF;font-family:open sans;"> Image is not showing</h3></hr>
]]></body> ... </helpRoot>

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Your question is very confusing. If you mean you want to manipulate XML files, it would really help if you'd show a sample input and desired output. I would strongly suggest that you don't use string replacement here. Manipulate it as XML with an XML API. – Jon Skeet Oct 18 '13 at 8:14
Do you only have issue with saving the newly formed xml file as in 5th point you already added the string to xml successfully? – azmuhak Oct 18 '13 at 8:19
Yeah I just wanted to save my "Prepared" string instead of the text inside the .xml file and show results . – mangasm Oct 18 '13 at 8:28
@mangasm Does my answer below help? I tried as best I could with the information you gave above. – dav_i Oct 18 '13 at 10:08
Looks like Find 10 differences puzzle – Sergey Berezovskiy Oct 21 '13 at 9:34

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I'd use XDocument and HTMLAgilityPack

var xml =
    <child><![CDATA[<img src=""/path"" />]]></child>

var xDocument = XDocument.Parse(xml);

var xChild = xDocument.Descendants("child").First();

var cData = xChild.Nodes().OfType<XCData>().First();

var htmlDocument = new HtmlDocument();


var imgNode = htmlDocument.DocumentNode.SelectSingleNode("img");

imgNode.Attributes["src"].Value = "/new/path";

using (var writer = new StringWriter())
    cData.Value = writer.ToString();

xDocument now contains:

  <child><![CDATA[<img src="/new/path">]]></child>
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Yes, for handling XML I would go with XDocument as well. But from your question I am not sure what your problem is exactly. – DeadDog Oct 18 '13 at 8:23
Thanks @dav_i for your contribution. But my XML file contains so many CDATA. And there are so many <img> tags inside all CDATA. So then I just wanted to replace existing XML content with my processed XML string. Any other suggestions :) – mangasm Oct 21 '13 at 2:17
@mangasm Use the above without all the HTMLAgility stuff, check my previous revision – dav_i Oct 21 '13 at 8:23
@mangasm Better yet - just edited my answer to use CDATA. – dav_i Oct 21 '13 at 9:20

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