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I have canvas which contains objects with centeredRotation:true and other object with selectable:false When I convert this canvas into JSON and reload it. The objects are with their default properties. i.e no centered rotation and object is selectable. May I know why this is happening? Clearly the properties like centeredRotation, selectable are not included in JSON.


How to set these while loading the objects?

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the above json is invalid –  akoskm Oct 18 '13 at 9:11
I just mentioned part of json that is useful for this question –  John Oct 18 '13 at 9:13
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You need to include them during toJSON:

canvas.toJSON([ 'centeredRotation', 'selectable' ]);

See documentation for toJSON which describes this "propertiesToInclude" argument and has some examples.

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You can also specify this on the main object before you create anymore new objects. This guarantees for me that the next time I load an object from json, the selectable will be saved in the "toObject"/"toJSON" function.

// Add 'selectable' to every object via the main class "Object"
fabric.Object.prototype.toObject = (function (toObject) {
    return function () {
        return fabric.util.object.extend(toObject.call(this), {
            selectable: this.selectable

I don't understand why this isn't there by default, but I guess it is because it is more of a state vs a property?

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