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Currently in order to copy files from a Windows machine to a Linux machine I mount a Windows file system with samba and copy files with cp command.

On the other hand when I need to copy files from one Linux machine to another I don't use any NFS to mount remote file systems. I just use scp.

Now I would like to copy file from Windows to Linux without mounting remote Windows file system. Is it possible ? What is the best way to copy files from Windows to Linux ?

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Off-topic for SO, but rsync is much faster and more efficient than dealing with file systems and mounts etc. For Windows you need cygwin or similar to get rsync. –  Paul R Oct 18 '13 at 8:23

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You could use WinSCP, a free SCP client for Windows.

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Ssh copy is the best way to solve it. If you don't want to make Samba or NFS shares please use one of the following tools

winspc or Filezilla suppot sftp too. Use this.


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