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I have wsdl that needs to be interpreted by wsdl.exe (.net sdk 2.0) This wsdl is generated on runtime by axis engine, and it is reading a wsdd file to generate this.

One of my return types have java.util.Map inside and here is the schema for a map in wsdl (just one part of wsdl)

<schema targetNamespace="" xmlns="">
    		<import namespace="" />
    		<complexType name="Map">
    				<element maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0" name="item">
    							<element name="key" type="xsd:anyType" />
    							<element name="value" type="xsd:anyType" />

But when I run the wsdl.exe to read this wsdl I am getting following error;

  • Unable to import operation 'getXXX'.
  • Types must be declared at the top level in the schema. Please review schema type 'Map' from namespace '': element 'item' is using anonymous type declaration, anonymous types are not supported with encoded SOAP.

Does this mean that I am not allowed to use Map when it comes a web service? I couldn't be satisfied with google results...

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Let me answer my own question; You should not use java.util.Map as a return type if you want to make your web services consumable by .NET

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