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Is there any free DotNetNuke manual? and also C# version of the program?

Thank in advance

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With a bit of reading on the DNN website you could have uncovered this information –  baldy Dec 22 '09 at 14:24
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DotNetNuke User Manuals for all the latest DNN versions. Available for purchase in PDF format from Snowcovered or visit the Online Help section of this site.

You can purchase the user manual here.

Source: Documentation section of the official site, which has Downloadable Files, eBooks and Training Videos, DotNetNuke Books and Learning Resources.

And there's no official release of the program in C#, although some has translated it to C#, but no official thing.

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None of this is free –  James Campbell Feb 15 '10 at 17:22
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No there is not a C# version at this time, and no converters out there work right. One day maybe someone on the core team will do a real conversation, but they have tried and failed.

Here are the FREE manuals in PDF, you may have to register:


Admin Docs: http://www.dotnetnuke.com/Development/Downloads/DotNetNukeDownloadsLibrary/tabid/1374/Default.aspx

Here are previous versions and thier docs these are also FREE (the version selctor is to the right. Some versions have docs and others don't):


If you look at 4.9 docs they are similar to 5. If you do not find the info you are looking for you will have to do what the previous answer states and buy additional material, but trust me you really shouldn't need it, all the info is out there for free.

If you are looking for something specfic, please let me know, as I have been working in DNN for some time.

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