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I have created one QtWebkit based app , and trying to load below mention URL, which if we open in Firefox , it will show as a HTML5 video.


In my application I am getting youtube html5 player getting loaded, but it is not displaying any video content.

I tried even in the browser sample application which comes along with the Qt SDK installtion. I am getting the same result as my app is.

below mention is the code which I wrote

QWebView *view = new QWebView();
QWebSettings::globalSettings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled, true);
view->settings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled, true);
view->setGeometry(50,50, 800, 600);

Machine :- both Windows 7 X64, Windows7 ultimate X86 Qt5.1 SDK

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QT5.2 ( http://qt-project.org/downloads ) now supports <video> tag (html5).

if using QT-32bit, the system must have installed video codecs for 32bit.

K-lite codec download: http://www.codecguide.com/download_k-lite_codec_pack_full.htm

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