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I'm working with an e-commerce system at the moment that is throwing up hundreds of potential duplicate page urls and trying to work out how to hide them via robots.txt untill the developers are able to sort there ...... out.

I have managed to block most of them but got stuck on the last type so the question is: I have 4 urls to the same product page with the below structure, how do I block the first one but not the others.

  1. www.example.com/ProductPage
  2. www.example.com/category/ProductPage
  3. www.example.com/category/subcategory/ProductPage
  4. www.example.com/category/subcategory/ProductPage/assessorypage

So far the only idea I can come up with is using:

Disallow: /*?id=*/

this however blocks everything…

EDIT: I believe I may have found a way to do it by setting up a robots.txt file to disallow all then just allow the specific paths I want again below that and then…once again disallow any specific paths after that.

Anyone know if this has a negative effect on SEO using disallow > allow > disallow.

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Sorry I should of mentioned, every product has an ?id=number at the end of its url, hence the above disallow ive tried –  user2291081 Oct 18 '13 at 10:02

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You could set the meta tag for the rel="canonical" property. This will help search engines know which url is the 'right' one and not have more than one URL per product in search results.

Read here for more information

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Sadly not possible with the system at the moment, it is one of the things I have the developers working on along with sorting out the stupid URL structure. –  user2291081 Oct 18 '13 at 9:55

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