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In every language there are a lot of tool to inspect the interface exposed by the compiled file, then what is the best tool for Flex swf file? I am debugging my code but the invoke always failed, I am writing my callee like below in my mcml file:

    		public function playVideo():void

And in another mcml I am using SWFLoader to load it and call it, but it always failed.


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Do you mean runtime introspection, or introspection while you're developing?

For runtime introspection, I've found as3-reflect very helpful.

For developing, though… I just use FlexBuilder's autocompletion. I'd be interested to learn about a better way, though.

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If the swf is dynamically loaded by SWFLoader, I think the auto completion can't work. Also I am interested how you can embed a SWF into another SWF without SWFLoader? –  Bin Chen Dec 22 '09 at 8:17
Sorry, I don't know much about tinkering with SWFs… I haven't had to do much of that =\ –  David Wolever Dec 22 '09 at 8:23

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