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Is it possible in django to print a string keeping the html tags?

So if I write {{ variable }} the html content inside the variable doesn't get interpreted by the browser as html.

(Really a newbie)


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Will this page help? stackoverflow.com/questions/2053258/… –  iChux Oct 18 '13 at 10:35

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You can use the escape filter {{variable|escape}}

Same as php's htmlentities or htmlspecialchars

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That happens by default, because of Django's autoescaping. You have to specifically mark content as safe before it will be interpreted as HTML.

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It sounds like less of a Python/Django question and more of an HTML question.

My first guess would be something like a tag, but here's an SO question discussing the best way(s) to display HTML on an HTML page (without rendering it): Display HTML code in HTML

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