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How can I add a file (e.g .cpp or .h) into a makefile project, so that I can use command $make ?

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Hey oCodaa, it is NOT my mean and you with your editing, change the my mean, it is shamefulness ... –  Rc Ss Oct 18 '13 at 15:51

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Here is a good tutorial: http://mrbook.org/tutorials/make/

Name the file Makefile or makefile

Then you can run
$ make


$make hello

or Essentially though, this is the format you want:

all: hello

hello: main.o factorial.o hello.o
     gcc main.o factorial.o hello.o -o hello

    rm -rf *o hello
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This is so simple and I familiar with it, My Question is about large projects (e.g. agent2d-x.x.x at rctools.sourceforge.jp ) which we can NOT create a MakeFile manually, So we have to use from autoscan then autoconf and so on, and after this process we have a MakeFile which created as automatically that are much more complex than your answer, and my question is that: How we can add a file to this automatically created MakeFile? –  Rc Ss Oct 18 '13 at 15:46

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