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I have a problem with JScript 5 (it's NOT Javascript!)

It's quite old version of scripting language, but I'm forced to prepare a version of application that will work under Internet Explorer 4, which only supports JScript 5...

I need to get the value of a with ID="lorem". So according to all the tutorials I found - I use the known from Javascript syntax ie:

var ipsum = document.getElementById("lorem").value;

Unfortunately It doesn't work...

Please, if any one of you has some documentation for JScript 5 - help me.

Thanks in advance

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An MS Office documentation from year 1998 says: id has been in IE since version 4, getElementById() has been introduced in version 5. Looks like you've to try to refer directly to lorem.value, or use name instead of id. –  Teemu Oct 18 '13 at 16:02
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