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I have an xml file that I have been given and need to parse it with php and display the values. I want to put this xml data into an array where I can easily select the data I need.

The data is in the format:

<person id="2">
<person id="2">

so I first have a loop scanning through the data to see if parent of child. If parent I want to make an array of all the parents and then the children.

So then I can have a table and just iterate through all the parent names, their birth dates etc and a seperate one for children.

foreach($plannerXML->children() as $child){

    if ($child->count()>0) {
        foreach($child as $childs)
            if ($childs->getName()=="parent") {
                if ($childs->count()>0) {
                    foreach($childs as $childss){


            } else if ($childs->getName()=="child") {


so I then have an array which has the data but how can I then echo this out to show the name and the related birthdate?

At the moment if I put it in a loop I get all of the names , all of the dates etc ..

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Why ; is after } ? – Snake Eyes Oct 18 '13 at 11:49
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From website, you can do a conversion from xml to array code like:

$simple = "<para><note>simple note</note></para>";
$p = xml_parser_create();
xml_parse_into_struct($p, $simple, $vals, $index);
echo "Index array\n";
echo "\nVals array\n";

For your situation, use the example #3.

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