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I'm writing an installed desktop app that I would like users to try out. I'd like to launch a pre-alpha release and collect some feedback, especially to fix any uncaught exceptions that might be thrown. As the developer would like to know about in the first instant.

i.e. I would like the installed desktop app to automatically submit relevant log entries to a remote server such that I can inspect them and fix the error.

I've considered using cloud-based services (they provide a nice dashboard interface: this is ideal) like but they're not really what I need:

  • Airbrake.io — quite pricey, geared towards webapps and servers
  • Loggly — has a forever free plan, but for servers only, based on syslog monitoring. I cannot expect users to install a syslog client as well as my application
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I have never done centralized logging over internet connections, but in a local network. I used the standard sockethandler: http://docs.python.org/2/library/logging.handlers.html#sockethandler and it worked for me.

Other alternatives may be:




Also saving to a regular local log on crash may be a solution, and on the next startup of the app check if the log contains errors and send the log to your email.

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I like the latter idea you suggested. That would probably work best. The I would just need to set up a SMTP server for this... –  fatuhoku Oct 18 '13 at 12:49

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