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I am using ASTRewrite to convert this:

new Targect1().asd(a);

Into this:

Targect1 temp1 = new Targect1();

This is my code:

String temp_identifier = getNextVariableId();
VariableDeclarationFragment fragment = node.getAST().newVariableDeclarationFragment();
ClassInstanceCreation creation = (ClassInstanceCreation)rewrite.createCopyTarget(node.getExpression()));
VariableDeclarationStatement previous_declaration = node.getAST().newVariableDeclarationStatement(fragment);
rewrite.replace(node, previous_declaration,null);

It is not finished but when check the value of fragment it get the methoddeclaration inside, but nothing about the type. When I inspect it shows:

temp1 = new MISSING()
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The shown code is inside: public boolean visit(MethodInvocation node) – javadev1018770 Oct 18 '13 at 11:55

ASTRewrite.createCopyTarget(...) creates only a placeholder node. The actual copy of the expression is not created until you call ASTRewrite.rewriteAST(). This is why you see new MISSING() when you inspect fragment.

If you want to force an immediate copy then you have to use ASTNode.copySubtree(AST target, ASTNode node).

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