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I am leading library from my .exe. When I am using LoadLibrary("abc.dll"), it loads the library. Now in abc.dll, I am doing some modification for google-test. I am trying to see the test case names by using

UnitTest& ptest; 

When I am adding this peice of code, the .dll gets generated successfully but the .dll is not getting loaded by the .exe and the moment I am commenting above peiece of code then, .dll is getting loaded successfully.

I have added required include files and required gtest.lib files too.

Where exactly the problem is lieing?

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is gtest.lib a static or a dynamic library? If it's a dynamic library, maybe gtest.dll is not found when LoadLibrary is called for abc.dll. –  manuell Oct 18 '13 at 12:10

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I found the answer, I just changed the Structure Member Allignment to 1 Byte and things did work.

Project->propoties->C/C++->Code generation->Structure Member Allignment -> 1 Byte
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