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I have problem with context menu. It is showing, but when I don't refresh the page before (ctrl+R) inserting rows and others actions doesn't work. I have tried the simplest cases and it doesn't work, probably there is a JS library conflict or maybe it is because all the handsontable is loaded via Ajax.

I have tried to override context menu actions, but still id doest works without page refresh.

<script src="/js/handsontable/jquery.handsontable.full.js"></script>
<script src="/js/handsontable/utils.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="/js/handsontable/jquery.handsontable.full.css"/>
          startRows: 1,
          rowHeaders: true,
          colHeaders: true,
            fillHandle: true,
            contextMenu: {
                callback: function (key, options) {

                    var selection = {
        start: new Handsontable.SelectionPoint(),
        end: new Handsontable.SelectionPoint()

        var instance = $('#example1').handsontable;

                  if (key === 'row_below') {
                       instance('alter', 'insert_row', instance('getSelected').end.row() + 1);

                   else   if (key === 'row_above') {
                       instance('alter', 'insert_row', instance('getSelected')[0]);


                   else   if (key === 'remove_row') {
                        instance('alter', 'remove_row', instance('getSelected')[0],  instance('getSelected')[0]);

                items: {
                  "row_above": {
                    disabled: function () {
                      //if first row, disable this option
                      return ($("#example1").handsontable('getSelected')[0] === 0);
                  "row_below": {name: 'Add row below'},
                  "remove_row": {
                    name: 'Remove row',
                    disabled: function () {
                      //if first row, disable this option
                      return ($("#example1").handsontable('getSelected')[0] === 0);


Adding row throws :

, $this = this.first() // Use only first element from list

but row is adding (but only when page has been refreshed ).

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Any chance you could put together a jsfiddle showing what you're seeing? –  alxndr Oct 30 '13 at 18:37

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