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I am looking for a good (possibly opensource/free) tool which allows me to record data about our servers (over 50) and provides a method to identify dependencies. So for example Server 1 being up and fully functional may depend on servers 5 and 6 being up. I usually depict this in a diagram with the server 1 in a box and "5,6" written beneath it. From this you can not only see its dependencies, but also what server it is, OS, Version etc, DB/ APP.

This will be very useful in a backup/recovery scenario, also allows us to keep details on each server.


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I'd like something like this too. Ideally some simple text notation to record it all them options to spit out diagrams at different levels of detail etc. Did you find anything? – salk31 Jun 8 at 11:42

Deployment diagram in UML with dependencies links.

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This draws a dependency line between each device. This diagram will be far too complicated with lines going everywhere. Which is why I asked if numbers can represent dependencies. I am using "Enterprise Architect" – memish Oct 18 '13 at 13:34

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