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Apple Documents says "If a context already contains a managed object for an object returned from a fetch, then the existing managed object is returned in the fetch results"

My Question is If I have updatd the object in the context but not saved the context yet then what object will Fetch Request return? Updated object from Context or New one from Datastore.

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Are you setting the fetch request to include pending changes? You can run some tests to see what objects are returned. –  Wain Oct 18 '13 at 13:26

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It depends on the includesPendingChanges setting of the fetch request. By default, includesPendingChanges is YES, which means that the fetch will get currently unsaved changes.

However, if you use the NSDictionaryResultType result type for the fetch request, this implicitly implies includesPendingChanges = NO, and you will get only results from the store.

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Your quote answers that question; it will be the one in memory. With that comes the caveat that if you make a new NSManagedObjectContext and perform the fetch request on that context, you will get the object from the data store.

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I guess it returns Updated object from Context.

Note: Due to low reputation i have to put as answer.

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