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I'm trying to get a Headless Installer working (install from command line for remote Linux)

But everytime I run the command, I get this instantly

java -jar install.jar -console
[ Console Installation done ] 

What do I have to do to get the installer to work with the -console command, I would rather get this to work than to resort to using an automatic installation XML file

Here is my Izpack XML using izpack 5.0.0

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="yes" ?>

    A sample installation file.
    Use it as a base for your own installers :-)

    To compile it :
    - go in the bin directory where you installed IzPack
    - call "compile ../sample/install.xml -b ../sample"

<installation version="1.0">

        The info section.
        The meaning of the tags should be natural ...
            <author name="Anthony Lafleur-Tighe" email=""/>
Roll       -->

        The gui preferences indication.
        Sets the installer window to 640x480. It will not be able to change the size.
    <guiprefs width="640" height="480" resizable="yes"/>

        The locale section.
        Asks here to include the English and French langpacks.
        <langpack iso3="eng"/>

        The resources section.
        The ids must be these ones if you want to use the LicencePanel and/or the InfoPanel.
        <res id="LicencePanel.licence" src="Licence.txt"/>
        <res id="" src="Readme.txt"/>
        <res id="ProcessPanel.Spec.xml" src="installProvisioningPanelSpec_linux.xml" />
        <res id="shortcutSpec.xml" src="shortcutSpec_linux.xml" />

        The panels section.
        We indicate here which panels we want to use. The order will be respected.
        <panel classname="HelloPanel"/>
        <panel classname="InfoPanel"/>
        <panel classname="LicencePanel"/>
        <panel classname="TargetPanel"/>
        <panel classname="PacksPanel"/>
        <panel classname="InstallPanel"/>
        <panel classname="ProcessPanel" />
        <panel classname="ShortcutPanel"/>
        <panel classname="FinishPanel"/>

        The packs section.
        We specify here our packs.
        <pack name="Base" required="yes">
            <description>The base files</description>
            <file src="Readme.txt" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="Licence.txt" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="unzip.exe" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
        <pack name="MCDProxy" required="yes">
            <description>The MCDProxy</description>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="postgresql-jdbc-driver.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
        <pack name="Tomcat" required="yes">
            <description>Tomcat 7, web container for Provisioning Agent</description>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="tomcat-users.xml" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="security-component.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="libsysutils-component.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="common-oam.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="common-debug.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="common-cache.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="common-mcd.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="common-crypto.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="mcc_common.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
        <file src="common-xml.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
    <file src="mcc_mfs.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
    <file src="mcc_sm.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="security-component.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="authentication-api.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="mcc_identityformatter.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="mail.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="javax.mail-api.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="mio-valve.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="mio-filters.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
        <pack name="Provisioning Agent" required="yes">
            <description>The Provisioning Agent</description>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="provisioningagent-web.war" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>

        <pack name="PostgreSQL" required="yes">
            <description>PostgreSQL Relational DB</description>
            <file src="postgresql-9.1.2-150.1.x86_64.rpm" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="postgresql-libs-9.1.2-66.1.x86_64.rpm" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="postgresql-server-9.1.2-150.1.x86_64.rpm" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="pg_hba.conf" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <file src="" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>
            <executable targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/" type="bin" stage="postinstall" keep="true" failure="warn" os="linux">
               <arg value="$INSTALL_PATH"/> 
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You really should state your izpack version and post your install.xml if you expect a useful answer here. Did you try adding -DTRACE=TRUE to the command line to get more information? – Torsten Oct 19 '13 at 15:42
you're right, I added my XML file also with Dtrace I get this Initializing builtin conditions for packs. Pack.getCondition(): null for pack Base1 Pack.getCondition(): null for pack MCDProxy Pack.getCondition(): null for pack Tomcat Pack.getCondition(): null for pack Provisionin Pack.getCondition(): null for pack PostgreSQL – MangO_O Oct 21 '13 at 15:56
There is no version 5.0.0 released yet (last one is 5.0.0-rc1 released yesterday), so you probably are using on of the beta releases, which simply may not work correctly. My guess would be to try this with 5.0.0-rc1. I built a working console installer with this version. You install.xml shows nothing suspicious on first glance. – Torsten Oct 22 '13 at 14:41
I managed to make it work by doing <panel classname="com.izforge.izpack.panels.hello.HelloPanel"> for every panel, it's pretty weird. I did however just try with the5.0.0-rc1 release and it worked flawlessly with my old code. Thanks for the help – MangO_O Oct 22 '13 at 16:53

Change line

<installation version="1.0">


<installation version="5.0">

IzPack 5.0.* will not work properly with version 1.0.

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