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i have random spawned objects that automatically moves across the screen. i want it so that when the objects reach a certain x position it despawns itself.

local  mRandom = math.random
local  objects = {"Vehicle11" ,"Vehicle21","Vehicle31","Vehicle41"}
local objectTag = 0
local object = {}

local function spawncarright()
local rightcar = {408,312}

   objectTag = objectTag + 1
   local objIdx = mRandom(#objects)
   local objName = objects[objIdx]
   object[objectTag]  = display.newImage(objName..".png")  -- see the difference here
   object[objectTag].x = 32
   object[objectTag].y = rightcar[math.random(1,2)]
   object[objectTag].name = objectTag
transition.to(object[objectTag], {time = 3500, x = 348})


so once reaches object[objectTag].x = 348 the object despawn

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Try this:

local function deSpawn()
  for i=1,objectTag do
    if(object[i]~=nil and object[i].x~=nil and object[i].x>=348)then
      -- If you want to remove the object, then use the following 2 lines --
      print("Removed object["..i.."]")
      --or else if you want to reposition the object, then uncomment the following --

Keep coding................... :)

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why 'unaccepted'..? –  Krishna Raj Salim Nov 14 '13 at 5:49

You should do it within the transition.to call:

object[objectTag].deleteSelf = function(self)
  object[self.name] = nil -- Remove reference to object in table
  self = nil

local localObj = object[objectTag] -- Do this so the object doesn't change with the objectTag does; if objectTag is incremented, then when the transition ends, it won't be pointing to the same object when we call the function

transition.to(localObj, {time = 3500, x = 348, onComplete = function() localObj:deleteSelf() end})
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