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I am using below code to set OOO message.

The below snippet, checks whether OOO is off. If it's turned off it will enable the OOO.

/----------------------------Snippet to Set OOO------------------------------/

foreach (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Store store in outlookNameSpace.Stores)


if (store.ExchangeStoreType==    Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.OlExchangeStoreType.olPrimaryExchangeMailbox)

     bool OOOStatus = store.PropertyAccessor.GetProperty("http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x661D000B");

     if (OOOStatus == false)

     store.PropertyAccessor.SetProperty("http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x661D000B", true); // false to turn off OOF

                        const string DefaultOOFMessageInternal = "Hi,\n\nThanks for writing. I am OOO today ! \nThank You";

                        Outlook.StorageItem InternalOOFMessage;
                        InternalOOFMessage = inbox.GetStorage("IPM.Note.Rules.OofTemplate.Microsoft", Outlook.OlStorageIdentifierType.olIdentifyByMessageClass);
                        InternalOOFMessage.Body = DefaultOOFMessageInternal;


                        Outlook.StorageItem ExternalOOFMessage;
                        ExternalOOFMessage = inbox.GetStorage("IPM.Note.Rules.ExternalOofTemplate.Microsoft", Outlook.OlStorageIdentifierType.olIdentifyByMessageClass);

                        ExternalOOFMessage.Body = DefaultOOFMessageInternal;



/--------------------------------End of Snippet---------------------------------/

Is there any possibility to set the duration i.e., FROM and TO Date of an OOO by using the above method ?

Kindly advise.

Thanks in Advance.

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The range can only be set using the EWS API. Or using Redemption and its RDOOutOfOfficeAssistant object (which internally uses EWS if it is available).

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