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I am trying to create a progress bar for multiple file i upload to a server!!! I am able to upload the files but when i try to fetch the upload progress information the session array is empty. Please do help!!! Please find below the information: Firstly my main php page where i upload the files:

<?php session_start();?>//top of the page
<div id = "centerMain" align="center">
           <iframe name="targetIframe" src="" style="width:50%;height:30%;position:relative;"></iframe>
                    <div id="addNewBlock" class="emboss blockPart" style="z-index:50000;padding:2%;position:relative;width:50%;left:25%;top:35%;border:1px solid black;">
                     <form method="POST" action="handleItemAddition.php" target="targetIframe" enctype = "multipart/form-data" onSubmit="return checkAndStartUpload()">

<!--VERY IMPORTANT:the hidden element should come first before any element within the form-->  <input type="hidden" name="<?php echo ini_get("session.upload_progress.name"); ?>" id="hidUpProg" value="upFilesInfo" />                 
 <script type ="text/javascript">

var upProgName = "<?php echo ini_get("session.upload_progress.name"); ?>";
            <div  class="stayLeft">Upload Photo:</div><input style="width:40%;" type="file" name = "itemImage[]" id="fileUp" class = "stayRight" multiple/><br/><br/>  

                    <input type="button" id = "closeBut" style="width:20%;" value = "close" onclick="closeBlock()" class="utsaaBut stayLeft"/>
                    <input type="submit" id = "AddBut" style="width:20%;" value = "Done" class="utsaaBut stayRight"/>                  


find below the javscript function which gets called onSubmit = "checkAndStartUpload()" from above

******************************************Javascript function****************************
function checkAndStartUpload()
    var tmp = document.getElementById("fileUp");
    if(tmp.files.length == 0)
        alert("No file selected. Kindly select a file");
        return false

    $progressPtr = setInterval(handleProgress,50);
    return true;

var it = 0;
function handleProgress()
    var xmlhttp;
        xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
        xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
        if(xmlhttp.readyState == 4 && xmlhttp.status == 200)
            var res = xmlhttp.responseText;
            if(it == 25)
                it = 0;




******************************************Javascript function*******************

Next is the file which returns session value through ajax

    ******************************************ajax progress return*******************

$key = ini_get("session.upload_progress.prefix") .$_POST[ini_get("session.upload_progress.name")];

if (!empty($_SESSION[$key])) {
    $current = $_SESSION[$key]["bytes_processed"];
    $total = $_SESSION[$key]["content_length"];
    echo "Current".$current."$total".$total;
    //echo $current < $total ? ceil($current / $total * 100) : 100;
else {
$key = ini_get("session.upload_progress.prefix").$_POST[ini_get("session.upload_progress.name")];
$tmp = $_SESSION[$key];
echo $tmp["bytes_processed"];*/

    ******************************************ajax progress return*******************

And finally handleItemAddition.php successfully uploads the images. I also disabled ;session.upload_progress.cleanup = On just for testing purpose so that if upload gets completed fast it should not clear the values.

Still i am getting empty array .

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Try to put session_start(); at the TOP of every page. – Fred -ii- Oct 18 '13 at 14:19
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Hey guys sorry i forgot to update. I fixed the issue sometime back. I had put session_start(); on top of all files but in handleProgressValue.php i had commented it while changing the code once i uncommented it worked.

However when i am uploading 28 files say, why does count($_SESSION[$key]["files"]) return increasing values??? It first returned 10 then 17,24,28 and then $_SESSION got unset

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