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I am using struts2-jquery plugin first time. I am using a tabbedpanel and everything works fine. The only problem is, I am not able to find the selected tab in my action class. I tried couple of ways using onClick, onFocus etc etc but not working. I want to know how we can sue useSelectedTabCookie in tabbedpanel.

<sj:tabbedpanel id="remotetabs" selectedTab="%{selectedTab}" useSelectedTabCookie="true">
<sj:tab id="div1" target="pendingDiv" loadingText="Loading..." indicator="indicator" >


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So you want to get opened tab id in your action, right? – Aleksandr M Oct 20 '13 at 16:38
Hi Aleksanr. yes thats what i wanted and implemented with this code $( document ).ready(function() { $('#tabpanel').tabs({ select:function(event,ui) { //bind click event to link selectedTab=ui.index; } }); }); $( "#tabpanel" ).tabs( "load", selectedTab); Thanks for considering – rohanparekh Oct 23 '13 at 15:23

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