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I am newbie to DBUS.

I have been trying to create a DBUS service for my program so that an application can contact it through DBUS.

I have gone through this tutorial

But as I go through this process and run qdbus command in linux, the service I had created is not listed on terminal.

So if somebody can list the procedure to create a DBUS service, it would be helpful.

Thanks, Sathish

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You don't need to do anything to be able to serve DBus messages. All clients and services exchange messages via bus, and bus is the only "server" - clients and services are "clients" here. Bus assigns name to a client automatically (it's usually ":some_number"). You can ask bus to assign your name with RequestName message of org.freedesktop.DBus interface.

Note that if you want to request a name on system bus you need to add "allow own" policy to dbus config (see example)

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