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I am using

 SELECT REPLACE(REPLACE(Status,'O','New'),'C','Closed') as STATUS, 

in Oracle SQL Select

The problem is that my table has both: 'C' and 'Closed'

So it is actually replacing 'C' with 'Closed' and replacing 'Closed' with 'Closedlosed'

How do I get it to replace only when entire field matches?

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One possible solution is to use regular expression to match only C character and nothing else:

  my_data AS
  (SELECT 'Closed' AS status FROM dual
   UNION ALL SELECT 'C' AS status FROM dual)
    regexp_replace(status, '^C$', 'Closed') AS rep_status

Check at SQLFiddle:!4/d41d8/19247

Can you provide sample data?

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Thats what I needed! Thanks +! – Kairan Oct 18 '13 at 17:57

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