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I am trying to toggle the background-image with a bootstrap button.

I have in css...

body { 
   background-image: url('img/myimage_1.gif');

in html...

<button type="button" id="bkgchange" class="btn" data-toggle="button">Change the background</button>

and in script...

$( 'bkgchange' ).click(function() {
    $( #body ).css( 'background-image', '~/img/myimage_2.gif' );

And it's not working?! Any pointers. I am aware that it is unconventional to want to mess with body attributes, I cannot put the image as a div background or in a container because it does not behave itself...

Alternatives as welcome as straight up solutions.

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Try this

$( '#bkgchange' ).click(function() {
    $('body').css( 'background-image', 'url(/img/myimage_2.gif)' );

bkgchange is your button's id, so if you want to access it by jQuery, you need to place # before it. like $('#bkgchange') and you want to access body element from page so u need to access it via $('body') instead of $(#body).

For placing background-image, pattern for it is url(path-of-image), and you can not use ~/ with url as css not know about it that it should refer to root directory, you can try with / to refer root directory.

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$( '#bkgchange' ).click(function() {
   $('body').css( 'background-image', 'url(http://terangatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/html-pointing-sign-clipart.jpg)' );


Your missing the # to get your bkgchange button by id. And your body does not need a # your not selecting it by id.

Also your missing the url( on your css and make sure your the url to your image is the complete path.

$( 'bkgchange' ).click(function() { $( #body ).css( 'background-image', '~/img/myimage_2.gif' ); });

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