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var page = UrlFetchApp.fetch(contestURL);
var doc = XmlService.parse(page);

The above code gives a parse error when used, however if I replace the XmlService class with the deprecated Xml class, with the lenient flag set, it parses the html properly.

var page = UrlFetchApp.fetch(contestURL);
var doc = Xml.parse(page, true);

The problem is mostly caused because of no CDATA in the javascript part of the html and the parser complains with the following error.

The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.

Even if I remove all the <script>(.*?)</script> using regex, it still complains because the <br> tags aren't closed. Is there a clean way of parsing html into a DOM tree.

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See stackoverflow.com/a/1732454/362634 ... –  Marius Schulz Oct 18 '13 at 17:20
You could possibly fetch the page and using a parser to strip out the unwants tags and then initiate another parse, may be possible. I do know that XmlService works well but is kind of buggy. –  hwnd Oct 18 '13 at 18:07

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I ran in to this exact same problem. I was able to circumvent it by first using the deprecated Xml.parse, since it still works, then selecting the body XmlElement, than passing in it's Xml String into the new XmlService.parse method:

var page = UrlFetchApp.fetch(contestURL);
var doc = Xml.parse(page, true);
var bodyHtml = doc.html.body.toXmlString();
doc = XmlService.parse(bodyHtml);
var root = doc.getRootElement();

Note: This solution may not work if the old Xml.parse is completely removed from Google Scripts.

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Natively there's no way unless you do what you already tried which wont work if the html doesnt conform with the xml format.

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Xml.parse() has an option to turn on lenient parsing, which helps when parsing HTML. Note that the Xml service is deprecated however, and the newer XmlService doesn't have this functionality.

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