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My team is in love with publish profiles. We have a number of testing environments that we work in, and using Web.config transforms we're able to substitute the names of machines in each environment, configuration settings, etc, which makes our build/deploy/test process much easier.

For example:


However, we have a number of test applications that we use to hit our web services, implemented as Console applications. We'd like to be able to do the same type of transforms on these config files, so that we can reduce manual labor of testing related to manual editing of config files when picking up a build drop.

Essentially, we want this:


My understanding of these config transforms is that they're related to the corresponding publish profiles in our web projects:


I've attempted to add similar files to our Console app projects, but I suspect it's something in the web publishing MSBuild targets that actually utilizes them.

Is there a way to hook into this part of the build specifically, so that we can transform non-web configs?

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Simplest solution I've found for this is using Slowcheetah; they have tutorials on their website for using MSBuild, etc, I believe for switching properly after pushing from Dev to QA, etc.


It just works for me :)

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Isn't transformation of web.config already integrated in VS2012? I am interested in knowing why you use a 3rd party addon. –  FeliceM Oct 18 '13 at 18:59
For web.config, yes. Not for App.config, and not for VS2010 (which I do occasionally use). –  brenton Oct 18 '13 at 19:42

To add multiple app.configs to a console application:

I am using visual studio 2013. In this version we don't have a config transformation. Please install the configuration transformation extension.

First add environments in solution configuration. Right click on the App.config file. Click on the Add config Transform. It adds as many as solution configurations.

In App.config:

    <add key="key" value="some value" />   

Copy this code in App.Release.Config:

    <add key="same key which you have given in app.config" value="some new value" xdt:Transform="Replace" xdt:Locator="Match(key)" />   

Finally, build the solution.

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I suggest this blog post:


It explains how to use the xdt transformation also with WPF projects configuration files. I followed these instructions for some console applications and it works very well. I'm using VS2012 Express, but I suppose it will work also for VS2010.

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