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I am fairly new to Grails, and I would like to understand how to parse some form "params" with a controller, using a counter variable as an index?

I have a form:

<g:form controller="config" action="parseReports">
 <g:each in="${allReports.toList()}" var="each" >
 <g:hiddenField name="reportName${allReports.indexOf(each)}" value="${each}" />
 <g:hiddenField name="reportCountSize" value="${allReports.size()}" />


With some hidden variables.

In the controller, I have:

def reportCount = params.reportCountSize.toInteger()`

def reportCount0 =`

This works fine.

I would like to know how to use a loop / index:

for (counter in 0..reportCount) {`
    def myReport = "${params}.reportCount${counter}.name.toString()}"`


I cannot find out how to get myReport to get the form value of, but use the ${counter} variable?

Any help would be appreciated.



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try this in cotroller.

for (counter in 0..reportCount - 1) {
       String report = params["reportName${counter}"]
       println "==${counter}===${report}====="

also you should use your each loop on gsp page like this..

<g:each in="${allReports.toList()}" var="each" status="i" >
    <g:hiddenField name="reportName${i}" value="${each}" />


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def reportName = params["reportName${counter}"].toString() Thank you :O) the next day dawns with clarity..... – chocksaway Oct 19 '13 at 10:27
Can you upvote this answer? – user1791574 Oct 19 '13 at 12:11

params is a map, so you can treat it like that inside the Groovy String.

def params = [id:1234, id0:2345, id1:345]

for (counter in 0..1) {
  print "\n${params.get('id' + counter)}"

results in:


However, I might advise you to check this out: Grails indexed parameters

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