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How to cut a small segment from a video in ffmpeg

ffmpeg.exe -i F:\\Ims\\144\\TestRun\\12907\\144151__cam144__10-10-2013 8.32.36 PM__10-10-2013 8.52.55 PM.avi -ss 00:00:01 -t 00:01:00 -vcodec -acodec -o F:\\IMS_Analysis\\cam144_0.avi

Gives an error that the option "-o" is not know. How do I ask ffmpeg create the output file called cam144_o.avi? what is the switch for this ?

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ffmpeg command-line usage questions are off topic here. I voted for migration to Super User. You should always include the complete ffmpeg console output with your ffmpeg command. –  LordNeckbeard Oct 18 '13 at 18:36

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There is no option needed for the output. In addition you included -vcodec and -acodec but you did not specify your desired codecs.

Try this:

ffmpeg.exe -i input.avi -ss 00:00:01 -t 00:01:00 -codec copy -map 0 output.avi

This will stream copy instead of re-encode so it will be fast and you will not loose any quality. I added -map 0 to copy all streams from the input; otherwise the default stream selection will only copy one stream per stream type. For example if input.avi contained two video streams then both will be copied instead of just one.

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