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When I try the threads connection in Graph API explorer I get a

"(#298) You must be a developer of the application"

error. But, when I try it in my own app, it works (which makes sense). Does this mean that if another user uses my app (and is therefore not the developer) then they will get the same error?

I'm trying to load messages from a given day - but the 'inbox' connection is much more finicky than the threads connection - the data returned with the since and until parameters are just threads that were last updated between those parameters - so if there were any other messages in the thread after the until marker, then the thread wont show up. I haven't found FQL particularly helpful either. Has anyone else had success with loading messages from a given day?

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Have you not read the note on top of the Thread API description page? –  CBroe Oct 18 '13 at 19:42

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